April 13, 2022 2 min read

Inergy and EMP Shield Collaborate to Bring New EMP Protection to Portable Solar Power Storage

Pocatello, Idaho, April 13, 2022 – Inergy  (www.inergytek.com), provider of the world’s most adaptable energy storage solutions, announces a partnership with EMP Shield, Inc., the world leader in EMP protection technology. The two U.S. companies have collaborated to create the first and only EMP-proof portable solar power station/generator in the world. The EMP Shields protect the Flex power station and all attached electronics, whether in use or in storage.

“Inergy is honored to partner with EMP Shield to offer customers peace of mind,” said Jared Grover, President of Inergy. “Together, we can offer our customers confidence that every device connected to a Flex system is completely protected from EMP attacks, lightning strikes, or CMEs (coronal mass ejections). The EMP Shield actively monitors the Flex Power Station and acts as an insanely fast vacuum to pull away any overvoltage before equipment damage can occur.”

The patented EMP Shield devices begin protecting the Flex Power Station and any devices connected to it in less than 500 trillionths of a second.

Learn more about EMPs and CMEs here.

“We believe Inergy’s modular Flex platform is the future of portable solar backup, and together, EMP Shield and Inergy will change the game for solar power users,” said Andrew Bucchin, Director of Sales & Marketing for EMP Shield, Inc. “Our technology is made in the U.S.A., and we wanted to work with another innovative American company, so EMP Shield looks forward to working with Inergy for years to come.”

 Learn more about the Flex EMP Shield at www.InergyTek.com/EMPShield; or watch a video HERE.

 EMP Shields are built to exceed military standards (MIL-STD-188-125-1) and tested at a DOD-approved testing facility. EMP Shield devices are UL 1449 compliant; and each EMP Shield device is guaranteed by EMP Shield’s $25,000 insurance policy.


About EMP Shield:

EMP Shield Inc. is a leader in EMP defense technologies. This technology can be employed in electrical systems, vehicles, critical infrastructure, and more. All EMP Shield devices have completed military certified testing at multiple testing facilities, including Keystone Compliance and MetaTech. EMP Shield is listed by the Department of Homeland Security in the 2019 EMP Resilience report. EMP Shield currently serves on over a dozen national boards, committees, and pilot programs focused on the national power grid & EMP protection.

About Inergy:

Inergy creates products that help individuals worldwide improve their quality of life with adaptable, renewable power. The company products provide its customers with power anywhere, any time; so they can enjoy the good times, prepare for hard times, and rise above any obstacle life may throw at them. Inergy is leading the renewable power revolution with energy solutions available to individual consumers, families, businesses, and the U.S. Armed Forces through multiple awarded grants.


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Andrew Bucchin, Director of Sales & Marketing, EMP Shield
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