April 19, 2022 2 min read

Inergy’s Lightweight Off-the-Shelf Solar Technology Provides Clean and Mobile Energy For Next Generation Renewable Power

Pocatello, Idaho, April 19, 2022 – Inergy(www.inergytek.com), provider of the world’s most adaptable and easy-to-use renewable energy storage solutions, will participate in the U.S. Army VERTEX | Energy Symposium beginning today in Austin, Texas. VERTEX | Energy is the concentrated source of energy market intelligence for the US Army.

Inergy was vetted and selected by Army Futures Command (AFC) as a company that has new or novel tech that aligns with Army needs. Inergy’s line of products provides customers with adaptable, clean, portable, renewable power.

“We’re confident that Inergy’s solutions will meet the high standards that the US Army looks for in products,” said Sean Luangrath, CEO of Inergy. “Inergy is honored to be invited to share our innovative energy solutions at the VERTEX | Energy Symposium and to be regarded as a contributor to this elite energy ecosystem.”

The VERTEX | Energy agenda will be built around four areas where the Army is working to modernize energy solutions. Inergy hopes to contribute to the advancement of products in the Soldier & Small Unit Power area to advance access to energy in remote locations or in damaged infrastructures.

“We believe Inergy’s engineering will contribute greatly to the energy intelligence of the US Army as it works to modernize energy solutions, especially in the Soldier & Small Unit Power area,” said Luangrath. “We have worked on two different contracts with the US Air Force previously and are proud that the US Military recognizes the innovative energy technology in Inergy’s products.”

Inergy opened its Series A round of funding this month with presentations at the StartUp Grind Global Conference in Silicon Valley, the NREL Industry Growth Forum in Denver, and this week’s EarthX E-Capital Summit in Dallas.


About Inergy:

Inergy manufactures and distributes products that help individuals worldwide improve their quality of life with adaptable, clean, renewable power. The company’s line of products provides its customers with power anywhere, any time; so they can enjoy the good times, prepare for hard times, and rise above any obstacle life may throw at them. Inergy is leading the renewable power revolution with a bottom-up approach by making modular, plug-and-play solar power and home energy solutions available to individual consumers, families, and businesses.

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