Confused about Inergy Apex battery vs. inverter questions? Don't be!

June 26, 2019 1 min read


Why does Inergy suggest a 550 Watt discharge rate when the Apex's inverter is rated to 1,500 Watts?

Lithium batteries, like EVERY kind of battery, are affected by how quickly they are both charged and discharged. The faster the battery is discharged, the less overall battery capacity you are able to access—and the fewer life cycles. 

Think of it like driving a car on the highway. Driving at 65 mph will give you much better gas mileage than driving at 90 mph. By driving slower, you’re able to go farther on one tank of gas, and your car won’t wear out as fast! Batteries operate the same way.

Many manufacturers simply state that under heavy use you may not get the full battery capacity. We wanted to provide a discharge rate that will give you that full capacity. A 550 Watt discharge rate will allow you to access the 1,100 Watt hour capacity and will also help your battery last longer - up to 2,000 cycles. Remember - discharging your battery at the fastest possible rate is like driving your car at the fastest possible speed; it will wear out faster.

The Apex battery CAN deliver up to 1,500 Watts of power, but . . . by sticking to lower rates on a regular basis you can maximize battery capacity and enjoy a longer lifespan! That’s why we rated it that way!

To learn more about what the Inergy Apex does and does not do, please click HERE.

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