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Is the Apex designed to be an indefinite, sole source of power to bypass the grid?

No, we designed the Apex to have a long service lifespan when primary energy sources are unavailable. We engineered it specifically for people who want a lightweight, compact, and mobile power system that can go anywhere they need it. The Apex sports a powerful 1,100 Watt hour lithium ion battery. However, in the User Manual it states “1,100 Watt hours, 550 Watts discharge continuous for 2 hours”. The next FAQ will address exactly what that means.

Why is the Apex’s battery discharge rate stated as 550 Watts max load even though the inverter is rated to 1,500 Watts output?

Lithium batteries, like EVERY kind of battery, are affected by how quickly they are both charged and discharged. The faster the battery is discharged, the less overall battery capacity you are able to access—and the fewer life cycles. Even Panasonic and Samsung, the world’s top two Lithium ion battery manufacturers, state their batteries experience less overall battery capacity when discharged at faster rates.


Think of it like driving a car on the highway. Driving at 65 mph will give you much better gas mileage than driving at 90 mph. By driving slower, you’re able to go farther on one tank of gas, and your car won’t wear out as fast! And of course it’s the same with electric cars. Tesla, the leading electric car brand, warns drivers that engaging ludicrous mode will cause accelerated wear of the battery.


Many solar generator manufacturers simply state that under heavy use you may not get the full battery capacity. We wanted to provide a suggested discharge rate that will allow you to access the battery capacity more fully. A 550 Watt discharge rate will allow you to access the 1,100 Watt hour capacity and will also help your battery last longer - up to 2,000 cycles. Remember - discharging your battery at the fastest possible rate is like driving your car at the fastest possible speed; it will wear out faster.

The Apex batterycan deliver up to 1,500 Watts of power, but . . . by sticking to lower rates on a regular basis you can maximize battery capacityand enjoy a longer lifespan! That’s why we rated it that way!


Can I draw 1,500 Watts from the Apex at one time?

Yes. The Apex inverter contains a lightweight, compact yet powerful 1,500 Watt inverter.  This inverter has a maximum 1,500 Watt output, and can surge much higher -- up to 3,000 Watts!. This surge is for only a few fractions of a second when doing some very heavy lifting, like starting the compressor on a refrigerator.  When operating at the maximum output of 1,500 Watts, a lot of heat is generated by both the batteries and the inverter. The Apex inverter has a temperature switch that will turn it off after several minutes at maximum output to protect the battery from excess heat and to maximize life expectancy. After cooling for several minutes, the inverter can power back up and run for longer! 

Overall, operating at the maximum on any product all the time will shorten its lifespan. We built many safeties into the Apex to give our customers a long lasting product that will serve their needs wherever they may be. The Apex’s run time for heavy loads depends on several factors, including the state of charge of the battery, the temperatures of the battery and the surrounding environment, and whether the load is AC or DC.

For example, using a high demand power tool intermittently is much easier for the Apex than a continuous resistive load, such as a space heater or a heat gun. If you really need to power a continuous resistive load for an extended amount of time, you should consider a gas generator or something specifically designed to meet your power needs. We designed the Apex to be the lightest and most compact 1,100 Watt hour system the world has ever seen--not to be a permanent install solution.

Can I use lead acid batteries to expand my Apex’s total battery capacity?

If you need to expand your system, unlike any other portable solar generator, the Apex does give you the option of connecting an off-brand lead-acid or absorbed glass mat (AGM) battery.

Will it destroy your lead acid batteries? Absolutely not.

Will it reduce their cycle life? Yes, over time.

How quickly it reduces the cycle life depends on the battery you buy. Cycle life of lead acid or AGM batteries may be diminished over time due to several factors, such as usage, rating and quality. We are releasing an external lithium ion battery so customers can expand capacity with a light weight, portable 2000 lifecycle battery just like the Apex.

    What are the benefits and limitations of the EC8 connector?

    EC8 connectors are compact, require no tools to disconnect, are rated to handle 6 times the current demanded by the maximum charge input and are simply the safest connector available. EC8 connectors are keyed to prevent misalignment and are engineered to reduce excess heat.

    If you need to permanently install your panels we recommend purchasing UV-proof and waterproof connection covers readily available online or at your local hardware store.

    The Inergy Apex is designed to be the lightest, most compact mobile plug-and-play solar generator there is. We back the Apex with a 30-day money back guarantee and a one-year warranty. If you have any more questions and concerns, please feel free to email our team at support@inergysolar.com or give our team a call at 1-877-891-2657. We’ve got your back.

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