Inergy Apex - What it does and doesn't do.

June 26, 2019 2 min read

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Can I draw 1,500 Watts from the Apex at one time?

Yes. The Apex inverter contains a lightweight, compact yet powerful 1,500 Watt inverter. This inverter has a maximum 1,500 Watt output, and can surge much higher — up to 3,000 Watts!

This surge is for only a few fractions of a second when doing some very heavy lifting, like starting the compressor on a refrigerator. When operating at the maximum output of 1,500 Watts, a lot of heat is generated by both the batteries and the inverter.

The Apex inverter has a temperature switch that will turn it off after several minutes at maximum output to protect the battery from excess heat and to maximize life expectancy. After cooling for several minutes, the inverter can power back up and run for longer!

Remember the Tesla example we shared in FAQ Video 1. Discharging lithium ion batteries at the maximum rate; i.e. ludicrous mode, will shorten their lifespan. Every lithium solar generator on the market will experience this degradation when used in ludicrous mode.

We are the only manufacturer that actually provides a suggested discharge rate and that builds in safeties to protect they system and to give you the longest-lasting generator in its class — not to mention the lightest, most compact, and fastest-charging. And sorry not sorry; we don’t apologize for that.

So how long will it run at heavy loads?

The Apex’s run time for heavy loads depends on several factors, including the state of charge of the battery, the temperatures of the battery and the surrounding environment, and whether the load is AC or DC.

For example, using a high demand power tool intermittently is much easier for the Apex than a continuous resistive load, such as a space heater or a heat gun.

Can I power anything and everything indefinitely with the Apex?

No. If you’re in a pinch and really need to run a heat gun or a 5,000 BTU air conditioner for 4-5 minutes, then yes, no problem. But why would you do that to a valuable piece of technology? That’s like driving your Tesla at max speed in ludicrous mode all the time.

If you really need to power a continuous heavy load for an extended amount of time, you should consider a gas generator or something specifically designed to meet your power needs.

We designed the Apex to be the lightest and most compact 1,100 Watt hour system the world has ever seen--not to be a permanent install solution. There are other, heavier, bulkier, and more permanent options that will power continuous heavy loads better.

But, if you want the fastest charging, lightest, most compact and longest-lasting portable plug-and-play solar generator, then the Apex is going to treat you right.

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