February 20, 2023 3 min read

When I was a kid, we had this big 20-gallon plastic tub full of Legos we collected over the years. It had parts to everything from a purple triple-decker bus to a five-piece racecar with a chicken on it from McDonald’s. 

Those Legos were my life. 

My favorite things to build were spaceships for my “Lego-guys” to fly around in and explore the galaxy. I remember spending many a Saturday morning with the Legos dumped all over the floor in the living room, carefully sifting through the mess to find the perfect piece. 

Legos are a great example of modular design; that is, a collection of components that can be combined to create something larger or more complex and rearranged for different results. 

Modular systems use interchangeable parts for near-infinite possibilities and maximum flexibility. 

That’s not just the case for Legos. You can find practical examples of modular design everywhere, especially in technology and construction. The inherent flexibility of modular systems makes them popular for their wide range of uses, cost efficiency, and adaptability.  

Modularity has recently been integrated into some portable power station designs, promising exciting possibilities. It's difficult to say exactly where modular design will take us, but one thing is clear: 

Portable solar power will become more accessible in three crucial ways.



The biggest challenge in choosing a portable power station is balancing what you need with what’s available. 

For most people, the ideal system doesn’t exist in the market, so they end up making concessions on capabilities, price, lifespan, etc. 

The alternative is to build a custom system from the ground up, which is time consuming, expensive, and requires experience with electronics. For most, it’s a non-option. 

A modular power station lets you create a custom system by combining easy-to-use modules according to your needs. It’s the perfect bridge between choosing an existing system and starting from scratch 

You’re free to design your system without the time, money, and technical skill a DIY system requires. 



The high up-front cost of investing in solar is a huge barrier to those looking to get started with portable power. 

Modular design gives you the option to invest in a small starter system that can be expanded to meet your needs over time. Not only that but custom-building a system allows you to only pay for what you need. Since you choose exactly which features are included in your system, you avoid overpaying for a system with features you don’t need. 

Modular systems are also cheaper and more convenient to maintain and repair. The ability to separate problematic modules from the rest of the system makes it easier to troubleshoot, saves you money on shipping and repairs, and has the added benefit of letting you use the rest of your system while one component is being worked on. 

By reducing the start-up and lifetime costs of ownership, modular design overcomes a major obstacle to solar power accessibility.



As a tech user, time is not your friend. Technology advances and your needs change, meaning that a system you buy this year could be obsolete or insufficient in two years. 

The solution? A system that adapts to your changing needs and can incorporate new technology. 

A modular power station offers basically limitless possibilities. A system can be expanded, shrunk, split into two systems, and even have its function changed with the right combination of modules. With so many options at your fingertips, you don’t have to worry about being left behind by the industry or ending up with a power station you can’t use anymore. 

Just like you, your power station will adapt and be ready for anything. 


With the technology we have available today, power independence could be universally attainable, but unmet needs, high starting costs, and obsoletism still stand in the way for many people. 

We believe in the power of electricity to improve lives and we’re committed to making it accessible to anyone and everyone. 

The Flex System pushes the limits of modular design to bring you an affordable platform for power independence. Easily customizable, the Flex lets you create a personalized power station to meet your needs now and in the future. 

Click below to learn how the Flex Modular System can help you take control of your power needs.


Flex 1500 Power Station 

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Written by: Eitan Mizrahi

Photo by: Xavi Cabrera

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