The INERGY Soluna is a home battery system that stores energy generated by a solar panel array, energy from the grid or energy from a fuel based generator and makes it available when you need it most.

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Choose How Much You Pay for Power

Store energy from the grid when rates are low, and then use it when they are high. You can have control over how much you pay for your power.

Long Life, Safe Operation with LiFePO4

The Soluna’s power pack contains cutting-edge Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) cells, which have up to four times the lifespan as other Lithium-ion batteries. You can trust the Soluna to provide stable, safe backup power for up to 20 years.

Soluna s8

1.) System Case

2.) Battery Modules

Soluna S12

1.) System Case

2.) Battery Modules


The Soluna S8 is an 8kWh battery backup system that can output up to 6,000W (6kW) of power. The Soluna S12 has a 12kWh battery and can output up to 8,000W (8kW).

Yes! Homes with solar panels are a great fit for a Soluna. In fact, with a Soluna, you can use more of the solar energy generated by your solar panels by storing the excess energy and using it at night. You can almost double the amount of solar energy you are using in your home.

How nice of you to ask . . . Yes! Your Soluna will provide seamless backup power when the power grid goes down. In an extended power outage, the Soluna can recharge from your solar power system. If necessary, you can actually power your home with solar power and your Soluna indefinitely.

We are loving these easy questions . . . yes! You can track how much power your solar panels are producing, how much energy you have stored, and how much you are using in real-time with the Soluna interface.

If your power company offers a time-of-use rate plan, your Soluna can charge when rates are low and use that energy when rates are high, so you can reduce your electricity bill.

When connected to your solar panel array and the grid, your Soluna charges from excess solar energy that your home does not consume during the day, and discharges from the battery to power your home at night.

When your solar system produces more power than you use, the Soluna captures and stores that energy in the battery. When your home draws more energy than your solar panels are producing, the Soluna will provide the energy needed to make up the difference. If your solar panel system produces more energy than your home can use and more than the Soluna can store, the remainder is sent to the grid. If your system can’t provide enough power, then it will draw the necessary power from the grid.