Home Integration Switch

If you're using your Flex system for home back up power this accessory is a must. The Flex Home Integration Switch allows you to choose the essential circuits you want to power in a grid-down scenario, Like refrigeration and your living room lights. This is compatible with the Flex, Apex and Kodiak power stations. 

Pro/Tran® 2 Series 15-Amp 4-Circuit 120V Manual Transfer Switch

  • Eliminates dangerous backfeeds and electrical overloads
  • (4) total circuits (1" Interchangeable Style)
  • Four 15-Amp single-pole (120 Volts) circuits
  • Allows hardwiring OR plug-in connection via power inlet
  • Enclosure has 6 combination 1/2-inch and 3/4-inch knockouts
  • Hinged, non-metalic cover
  • Protects toggle switches/breakers & provides a finished appearance

IMPORTANT NOTE: This accessory requires installation by a licensed electrician.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Sure beats extension cords.

Very well made and easy to install and use. Thanks

Zach A

I just had my electrician install mine and he was very impressed as well. He said inergy thought of everything! I haven’t been able to test mine out yet cuz I don’t have my flex yet but I look forward to testing it out soon!!! 🤞

"Packed for success"

I just met with my electrician and he was impressed by all the stuff that was included in the box(wiring, flex tube, etc). He said the seller of this item sets us up for success. When I hear my electrician say stuff like that, a positive review is definitely in order.

Works great with my battery set up and looks very professional alongside my panel box.