The Apex portable power station features an advanced maximum power point tracking (MPPT) charge controller, so it charges faster and safer. The Apex’s internal battery also lasts up to four times longer than any comparable product on the market.

  • The Apex packs a huge punch with a peak 1,500 Watt pure sine wave inverter and 1,100 Watt hours of peak battery capacity, so it can power dozens of devices and appliances wherever you need it. Best of all, under normal conditions, the Apex is nearly silent and is 100% odor and fume-free—no pollutants or toxic exhaust of noisy gas generators.
  • Lightest and most compact portable gas generator alternative in its class. The Apex weighs only 25 lbs, over 35 percent lighter than comparable competitors.
  • Exactly half the total size of any leading competitor for easy storage and transport.
  • Fastest-charging system in the world with an advanced MPPT charge controller. The Apex comes out of the box with roughly twice the charging rate of most well-known competitors.
  • Other manufacturers require you to spend several hundred dollars on accessories to reach the Apex's native charge rate. Powered by the sun, your automobile, or AC grid power.
  • Guaranteed by a real U.S. company with a 1-Year warranty. Designed and engineered in Idaho, supported by Idaho-based tech support team. Unlike many off-brand systems, YOU WILL NEVER DEAL WITH FOREIGN TECH SUPPORT or foreign shipping.