Flex Tactical 1500 Power Station

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Introducing the Flex Tactical Power Station, a rigorously tested and trusted solution by both the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Army. Engineered with unmatched durability and reliability, it stands as the premier choice in power stations on the market today.

Whether you're preparing for a power outage or adventuring off-grid, rest assured that the Flex Tactical will reliably power your most critical appliances and devices for extended periods.

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👆 Add Solar Panels and Feel as prepared as the U.S. Military today

Product Specs


14" x 8" x 8.9"



Battery Chemistry

Lithium-ion NMC with advanced safety controls - UL1642, UL2580, and IEC62133 certified

Battery Capacity

1,058Wh, 98Ah

Cycle Life

Up to 2000 cycles

Solar Charging

14-90VDC, 30A max

AC Output

1500W continuous pure sine wave (3,000W surge)

Product Image Key

A - (6) 115VAC 60Hz grounded outlets*

B - (2) 65W USB-C ports with PD and QC 3.0

C - (2) USB-A ports with QC 3.0

D - (2) 5.5x2.5mm DC outputs for Basecamp LEDs

E - (2) 15A cigarette lighter ports with 13.8V regulated DC output (20A max combined DC output)

F - Console LCD display with impact shield

G - DC power button

H - AC power button

I - Battery LCD display with impact shield

J - Battery LCD power button

K - EC8 14-90VDC charge input port

L - 5.5x2.5mm charger input

M - Reinforced 1,500lb latches

N - Cooling outlet vents

O - Composite skid plate

P - Earth ground connection stud

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Dale G.
Built like a tank

I received my Flex Tactical with two battery modules. I also own one of the original Inergy Kodiak units. The fit and finish on the Flex Tactical are excellent. The display is much improved over the Kodiak and shows the information I am most interested in--percentage charge level, time to full charge and remaining run time. The latches between the control console and each battery are rock solid. The regulated 13.8-volt regulated DC output makes my Dometic refrigerator much happier.

I will mainly use the Flex Tactical to charge devices and run the lights, refrigerator, propane heater and Starlink in my GFC pickup camper. I like to winter camp and ski so the heater that allows the unit to work properly in very cold weather is an important feature for me and one that is not available in other similar products. At home I will use it to power my wife's CPAP and O2 concentrator during power outages.

I'm very pleased with the product. My only complaint is with the delays in getting it to market due to supply chain issues. Now that they are shipping, I couldn't be happier with my purchase.

Exceeds Expectations. Very happy with the unit.

I ordered the Flex Tactical 1500 Gold Plus Kit - The Tactical, 4 solar panels and another battery. It was sent in 3 shipments, final one just before Memorial Day. Everything was well packaged and there was no damage.

The instruction manual was through and well laid out. If I need to find something in the future it should be easy.

I charged one battery on the grid and the other using the solar  panels. I was pleasantly surprised how fast the solar panels charged. They both charged to 100%.

 I purchased this system for various uses. We own a Townhouse in a small mountain city and 10 acres off grid in the Rocky Mountains. The off grid thas a tiny house and a food forest . I am a hunter, deer, elk, and moose. 

In the townhouse garage  we have two large freezers with the meat and preserved fruit and veggies. When fully charged I took the Flex Tactical and plugged the freezers in. Yep it's going to do the job if we lose power in the summer.

It's a little more awkward than I expected but then again that's what 4 wheelers are for! At the tiny we have only solar panels for power - no power when snowing, cloudy or at night. It is so nice to have the Flex Tactical on site. With Ham radio, microwave, dorm room refrigerator, lights, and limited satellite internet. I calculate we can go for 4 to 5 days without recharge or solar. 

I am very pleased with the quality of the Flex Tactical, it will withstand the harsh conditions of the Rocky Mountains. As a Honorably Discharged U S Marine I am happy the U S Government is equipping our troops with this equipment.

I recommend the Inergy Flex Tactical 1500 without reservations. It is well worth the cost.

God Bless the USA      

Flex Tactical 1500

This is a very compact power station capable of powering many devices in a grid down situation. Excellent product to have on-hand for emergencies.

Charge and go and nobody knows.

Super quiet way to take energy with you anywhere. Charge using gas, propane, wall outlets and solar, so that you you are never dealing with dead batteries and you are always ready for what comes at you.

Gary Lewis
I like this FLEX 1500 system power station .

I love this FLEX 1500 system power station, It's easy to charge with the solar panels or the wall quick charge. I'm not stressed out as I was before I got the FLEX 1500 system. I want to order a 2nd battery . Thank you

More 5-star google reviews than any power station brand on the market.


If you’re looking for a power station to use in extreme environments, or you just want a military-spec power station, the Flex Tactical is for you. The Flex Tactical has many features and protections not found in any of our other systems.

We designed the Flex Tactical for heavy-duty use in extreme environments. Use this power station to power your adventure equipment, or even your devices and appliances at home when the grid goes down.

Yes! The pure sine wave inverter is designed to provide up to 80% of a single Flex Battery's capacity at a continuous 1,500-watt discharge under normal operating conditions before shutting down to protect the batteries and the inverter. As with any lithium battery, regularly drawing the maximum output continuously will affect the life of your Flex Batteries, but the power is there!

Yes! You can use our EC8-to-MC4 adapter to connect third-party arrays in parallel, series-parallel, or series arrangements (as long as you don’t exceed 90VOC/30A max input).

Not all lithium battery cells are equal. Some manufacturers use cheap cells, with very few safety features. The cells we use in our Inergy battery designs go through an extensive 3rd-party testing process, and we tightly control our sources. Li-LFP and Li-NMC batteries are required to pass the same safety standards just to be able to ship them.

We don't change battery manufacturers often OR lightly, with any changes we make going through our FULL re-certification and validation process. Our batteries contain a wide array of protections, from the cell level to the BMS (battery management system). Our batteries are some of the safest on the market, thanks to our in-house, proprietary, USA-designed BMS and batteries.

These days, almost every EV car and truck uses Li-NMC. It just isn't possible to get the range consumers demand from Li-LFP batteries. This caused a rapid advancement of Li-NMC safety technology across the market to meet the needs of the automotive world. Being a portable system, the Flex Tactical makes use of high-density Li-NMC chemistry to achieve some of the most energy-dense batteries on the market. Other chemistries such as Li-LFP and lead-acid/AGM are much heavier, much larger, and (in the case of Li-LFP) more expensive. Li-LFP does have its advantages, especially in permanent DIY installations or rapid charge/discharge applications. They offer higher cycle life counts and have some enhanced safety by volume, but are usually not ideal for portable solutions due to the extra weight and space needed for these benefits. In fact, many manufacturers use Li-LFP in order to loosen their safety standards, meeting the same requirements of Li-NMC batteries but not exceeding them. Li-NMC offers the highest energy density and, with the Flex system's advanced safety features, is lighter and more compact than other battery chemistries without sacrificing safety.

Yes! You can charge your Flex Tactical system from grid AC power, solar panel arrays, and even your vehicle's cigarette lighter port simultaneously (with accessories as required).

The Flex Tactical is backwards-compatible with our standard Flex modules, with some exceptions (due to the latch system changes). Regular Flex modules can attach to the bottom of your Flex Tactical system and latch together, but Tactical modules cannot latch to regular Flex modules. They'll work together, but you won't be able to transport them together as a single unit like this. For instance, you canattach regular Flex batteries to the bottom of a Flex Tactical system and they'll latch together, but you cannot latch a regular Flex power console to Flex Tactical batteries, preventing carrying/transportation. However, the Flex Tactical features are unique to the Tactical modules, so using regular Flex modules may affect/disable some features of the Tactical system (such as IP52 dust/water protection).

For more advanced/permanent applications, the earth ground connection gives you the option to connect your Flex Tactical system to an earth ground (buried metal pipe, grounding rod, etc.), providing a true earth ground to your AC and DC outlets. This grounding also provides enhanced EMP, EMC, and surge protection to your Flex Tactical system. We suggest you use a 10AWG wire when using this connection.

Here's What the flex 1500 and Flex tactical have in common:

Here's What's different: