Flex UPS Rapid Charger

The new Flex UPS Rapid Charger changes everything! It allows your Flex 1500 system to function as an uninterruptible power supply. 

And of course, it charges your Flex portable solar power system faster than any comparable system. 


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Product Specs & Key


14" x 8" x 3.4"


10 lbs

UPS (uniterrupted power supply)

Switches from grid to battery power in less than 10 milliseconds

AC Charging

Charges your Flex Batteries at rates up to 1200W

A - Power Button

B - AC input

C - Module latch

D - Module vents

E - Removable module feet


Yes, it will operate similarly to an online double conversion UPS without a transfer switch.

If the load is equal to or less than 1200W continuous there will be zero effects on your battery cycle life. If the load exceeds 1200W the UPS Rapid Charger will start to charge your battery to do it’s best to keep up with the required load and you’ll be operating at a net loss. In this circumstance you’d eventually run the battery to 0% and use one full cycle life.

This module is required to be the very bottom module and any other module can stack on top of it.

Absolutely. You can mix and match any and all charge sources on your Flex system. You could even put the Flex MPPT Supercharger on top of this module.

Yes, however the system will only charge at the wattage that your gas generator outputs (up to 1200W).

Yes. You can connect the AC Supercharger to a single Flex battery if you'd like to just charge that battery by itself.

More google reviews than any power station brand on the market.