Transforming a small business with Portable Solar Power.

August 18, 2020 2 min read

The Hero of the Story

Meet Angel, a 23-year-old man, lives in the village Cayey, Puerto Rico. His small business, El Cafecito en la Luz, sells coffee and snacks under a freeway overpass under a dim light: “the cafe in the light.”

Well before sun rise, Angel makes his coffee and snacks and sets up shop under the #15 freeway exit in Cayey. With only a small, battery-powered light to light his stand, Angel has dreams of someday owning his own coffee farm and a proper cafe to sell his own coffee and breakfast snacks.


Operating from the trunk of his car, Angel can carry enough coffee and snacks, which are a welcome to early morning commuters but his dim light could not attract enough attention, power his devices, or illuminate his product and advertising banners.

Angel relied only on a small battery-powered LED light to provide the only way to attract customers, prepare his coffee and snacks and also conduct business., Angel needed a solution that provides bright lights and a renewable source of power to run his business.

The Solution

A local businesswoman drove past his coffee stand one morning and was moved by Angel’s passion and dream, but also knew he would need a better solution that didn’t require batteries or gas to achieve his goal as a small business owner.

Kia, also the founder of a Puerto Rican non-profit, introduced him to Inergy’s portable solar generator, solar panels, and very efficient and bright LED lights.

The Results

  • Bright light attracted more customers, increased social media buzz, and Angel’s story went viral in Puerto Rico, and he was featured on national radio programs and interviewed on Telemundo.

  • Off-grid, portable and silent power allowed Angel to serve his customers better, run retail gear, and ultimately grow his business.

  • Angel has now opened a second location and has hired several employees. His dream of owning his own coffee farm and cafe are much closer to becoming a reality.

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