June 14, 2018 2 min read

One of our favorite questions is why we got our start (Which to us is more important than 'how' we got our start). It's a complicated question, because our story starts differently for everyone. Power has become a staple in our ever growing society. Today power is necessary for commerce, education, and medicine, three major pillars of human prosperity. In essence, Power is required for life. Our mission at Inergy is to give that power for life to the entire world.

Our CEO, Sean, discovered his Inergy story more than 40 years ago in the country of Laos. During a government takeover his family was forced to leave their comfortable life, flee across the Mekong river in the dead of night into Thailand, and struggle in a refugee camp for months before receiving a sponsorship to travel to the United States. Reflecting on the experience, Sean stated, “I know what it's like to live without lights, without power, without communication to the outside world - and it's a feeling many people in the world still have today."This experience has shaped Inergy into the company it is, dedicated to providing lightweight, powerful, portable power to the most remote 3rd world village and to the furthest backcountry.

Like Sean, many others have found their Inergy story in power outages, in the back country, or after natural disasters. We are working hard to be sure that we as a company are ready to help and bring power to the world. Inergy is trusted to bring Power for Life when everything goes wrong and when everything goes right.

If you have a Power for Life experience we would love to hear from you!

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