Have you been dreaming of being a digital nomad?

September 17, 2019 2 min read

If the van life is the life for you, all you need to work, play, and live on the road is a high-quality wifi connection -- and the juice to keep your whole van charged. With the Apex, you can stay connected to the things that matter most while unplugging from everything else.

Whether your plans include coast-to-coast travel, or simply living off-grid by the ocean or in the woodlands, the Apex with 300-500 watts of solar panels can power your life with all the energy you need. Use a single solar panel for continuous charging in sunny climes, or link panels together to quickly charge your Apex in just a few hours to take advantage of short periods of strong sunlight.

Together, solar panels and the Apex can provide for all of your van life charging requirements, including:


Your phones, cameras, laptops, and other devices can stay powered up and capable of communication, while more basic life needs can be met with access to always-on personal electronics like your toothbrush and razor. You can be clean-cut and communicating 24-7.


Stave off salmonella with chilly temps in your fully charged onboard fridge. Whether you are running a standard mini fridge, 12V fridge or a dual power fridge the Apex can maintain food freshness and cold brews all week long.


There’s no need to bunk down at sundown when you’re powered up. Shed light on your adventures with lighting powered by efficient, solar power that can keep your nights as bright as your days. Use your existing vehicles lights or grab a set of basecamp LED’s to chain throughout your vehicle. 

Water pump

Cleanliness on the open road can be a challenge, but it’s easily overcome with a powered-up pump that keeps you well supplied for daily ablutions. Wash and go functionality has arrived.

12 Volts Accessories

As you know not all power is accessed via a wall outlet. Using 12 volt power is very common among digital nomads and van life enthusiasts due to its efficiency and compatibility with battery banks. With the Apex you won’t be restricted or limited to the 12v plug on the dashboard of your vehicle. In fact, you'd be surprised at how many accessories you can find that use 12v power such as a coffee maker or even a crock pot!

12 Volts Inergy Apex

Ceiling vent fan

Smells don’t just come from bodily functions. Cooking smells, wet pets, and funky footwear can all sour the mood. Take advantage of your ceiling fan and vent your fumes, not your frustrations. 

Cell phone signal booster

Good news: you can check in with mom anytime. Bad news: mom can check in with you at any time. Only you can decide if the benefits outweigh the risks. 

Don’t let worries about power sufficiency slow you down. With the Apex on board, you can answer the call of the open road and start your van life adventure today. 

If you want the freedom to enjoy your van lifestyle anywhere, purchase the most compact mobile plug-and-play solar power station there is. 


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