10-Year Pro-Rated Battery Warranty

October 13, 2020 2 min read

The Flex Battery 10-Year Pro-Rated Warranty

You may have heard about the “10-Year No B.S. Flex Battery Warranty” promotion that ended on October 1. If you missed out on that,  don’t worry! On October 2, we announced the 10-Year Pro-Rated Flex Battery Warranty, which is still the best battery warranty offer for a comparable product on the market. With the 10-Year Pro-Rated Battery Warranty, you get industry-leading coverage for your Flex Battery that ensures your system will serve your needs for years to come.

Why Would We Offer Such a Great Warranty?

There can be only one explanation. You are trusting us with your pre-order, so we want to pay that back to you with an industry-leading guarantee. We want you to have the confidence that when the power is out and you need your Flex Battery the most, we've got your back. Your investment is sound. We believe in our product, and we back it up in writing.

How Long Will This Warranty Be Available?

This warranty offer will expire before the end of the Flex Modular System pre-order period. Take advantage of this opportunity now!

How Does the Warranty Work?

With the 10-Year Pro-Rated Battery Warranty, you still get 10 years of pro-rated coverage for your Flex Battery. What does “Pro-Rated” mean? If you use your battery every day for 2 years of the warranty period and it has just worn out, we will give you a credit for 8 years or 80 percent of the value toward a replacement Flex Battery. If your Flex Battery has not been abused or neglected, you get ten years of pro-rated coverage.

If you use your Flex Battery for 5 and it has worn out, you will get a credit for 50% of the cost of a replacement Flex Battery. If you use it for 7 years or 70% of the warranty period, you’ll get 30%, and so on.

For more details on how the warranty works,  please read this FAQ.

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