January 05, 2021 2 min read

Today, it is clear we will not receive the inverters and charge controllers to start manufacturing before the Lunar New Year begins. This news is bitterly disappointing to us, and we can only imagine how frustrating it is to you. We are disappointed to announce a significant delay in the shipment of the Flex Modular System. With this news, the production and shipping timeline will go forward as follows:



January 5 - January 31

For the next 5 - 6 weeks, our assembly factory will be tooling up for production of housings and final assembly. At the same time, we will be working day and night with our PCB (printed circuit board), inverter, and charge controller suppliers to complete the manufacturing process as quickly as possible.

We will be able to produce a short run of Flex Modular Systems during this time. This short run of units will arrive in our Idaho warehouse between February 1-15, and we will ship these orders in the order they were received. This is a critical time for us because we must do all we can to have everything ready for final assembly to begin the moment our factory opens after the Lunar New Year holiday.

February 1 - March 7 (The Lunar New Year)

Although the official Lunar New Year work holiday begins on February 11 and ends on February 17, in reality, the factory workers begin the trip home to family as soon as the last week of January and many do not come back until the first week of March. For this 5 - 6 week period, our assembly factory and component factories will cease all operations.

March 8 - March 31

Between March 1 - 8, final assembly will begin. Our manufacturing plant at peak will be able to produce 400 units per day. Our first containers will start shipping by the fourth week of March.

April 1 - May 30

We estimate these shipments take about 4 - 6 weeks to arrive in our Pocatello, Idaho facility, so they should arrive here between May 1 - 7. We will then perform final quality control and prepare them for shipment. This process should take less than a week. Therefore, we estimate that the first major shipments will leave our warehouse between May 7 - 14, with subsequent shipments following shortly after. We estimate that we will ship all pre-sale orders by May 31.