The Beginning

December 18, 2019 2 min read

The Flex Modular System is the most complex and advanced product launch Inergy has attempted in its six-year history. In normal circumstances, this kind of development project would be tricky. In the circumstances created by the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been fraught with pitfalls and delays. To our earliest and most loyal presale customers who have waited the longest, we are truly sorry and take full responsibility for the fact that we did not foresee some of the slips and trips.

Following is a detailed timeline starting from the beginning to today to the end of the product development process. We will update this blog at least weekly so you know exactly where we all are in the process and when you will receive your Flex Modular System.


In December 2019, our product and leadership teams met to review and update our product development plans for the future. In that meeting, we agreed that, in August 2020, we would discontinue our best-selling Apex portable solar power station for a new, upgraded product line. We forecasted our sales and inventory needs at that time and made arrangements to produce enough Apex units to supply customer demand through August 2020. 

We planned to launch a presale on August 1, 2020 for our new product line that would ship to presale customers in October. With great optimism, we began the work of taking the modular system idea from concept to reality. As the work progressed through January and February 2020, we started to get really excited about how the Flex modular system was taking shape. This project is truly groundbreaking. We assembled our first modular system prototype in 2017, but it represented numerous challenges that we need to overcome for it to work properly. Now, we have done just that.