October 25, 2020 1 min read

The plan to add Samsung as a battery supplier  did not change the specifications or performance of the Flex Modular System, but it did require extensive testing and certification, which would require extra time. Indeed, this process of modifying, testing and re-certifying took about a month longer than we originally planned. Although the extra month of development time hurt, we still believed we’d be able to fulfill pre-sale orders by the updated timeline of January 19 - 28.

Additionally, as our engineering team modified the designs to accommodate Samsung cells, we realized we could also use this time to give you, our loyal customers, some really valuable upgrades for free. 

See below for a full list of these free upgrades!

  • Increased Regulated DC Output on the Flex DC

The Flex DC will now have up to 60 amps (a 50% increase) of regulated DC output at 13.8V. The 60A will be split between a 20A dedicated PowerPole output and the remaining 40A shared between the other DC and USB ports. This is the highest regulated DC output in its class.

  • Near-Silent Operation Whenever Possible, Even When Using AC Power

We added smart fan control to reduce noise and maintain near-silent operation whenever possible, especially below 300 watts of total output.

  • Bluetooth and WiFi Expansion Bay

We have added an expansion bay to the Flex 1500 and the Flex DC. This expansion bay allows us to create accessories, such as WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity, diagnostics, software and feature updates, and other unique upgrades.