November 25, 2020 1 min read

As our engineering team worked through the design changes to the system needed to accommodate either LG or Samsung cells, we realized these modifications also presented opportunities to make the system even better for you. Because you have been so patient and loyal, we are going togive you a lot more than you bargained for. Most importantly, you will pay nothing for these upgrades:

Increased Regulated DC Output on the Flex DC

The Flex DC will now have up to 60A combined total regulated DC output at 13.8V. The 60A will be split between a 20A dedicated PowerPole output and the remaining 40A shared between the other DC and USB ports. This is the highest regulated DC output in its class and double the nearest competitor.

Silent Operation Whenever Possible, Even When Using AC Power

We combined the improved inverter efficiency with smart fan control to reduce noise and maintain silent operation whenever possible, especially below 300W of total output.