MC4 – Neutrik Adapter

We understand that for many, the Kodiak and our panels are not the first foray into the solar revolution. With this in mind, we offer a 1-foot MC4-to-Neutrik adapter so you can use your existing panels to charge the Kodiak.

Weight 5.3 oz (~0.33 lbs)
Dimensions 17" x 1"

Customer Reviews

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MC4 adapter cable replacement

After 2 MC4 adapter cables failed after just weeks in use with Kodiack solar generator, used to connect other brands of solar panels;
The 3rd connector cable , seems to work after 2 weeks. Each of the 3 cables looked like different construction details , slightly different color parts . The plug connector to generator in none of the 3 cables CLICKED INTO PROPER POSITION, I had to play with position to make sure power light came and stayed on .This MC4 cable part of the Kodiack solar generator
a otherwise very good solar generator.
If this 3rd cable keeps working over time;
I would give 4 stars . If not , might be best to buy Kodiack solar panel to work around this weak link to the 4 panels I had on hand made by other panel manufacturers. Customer service was very helpful & quickly shipped replacement at no cost.


MC4 – Neutrik Adapter

Give a way?

We ordered 1 there was a delay in the shipping dept and I received item a little late. Then was sent a second 1 but I don't belive I was charged for it.Please check your records and let me know if I o u money.


MC4 – Neutrik Adapter

Review of use while camping.

We had not had a need to use the Solar Generator until yesterday and the next 7 days. We are camping in a non-electric site, and we have cell phones, Kindles, a computer, and use a Nutri-blend mixer to make bullet proof coffee. I also have an Apple watch which did not charge last night, but it may have been that I did not connect the charging cable on the watch properly. I reconnected the cable to the watch and in an hour the phone was charged.So far so good. I do have one question and that is what are the readings on the screen indicating? they are constantly changing, and the paper work I received with the unit only told what the individual functions were, but not about the readings on the screen. I would appreciate some education on the use of the readings and what they indicate. So far my wife and I are enjoying the Kodiac and I am planning on recharging it when my kids come to camp.

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