Kodiak Portable Solar Generator

The Kodiak is capable of satisfying the demanding needs of camp trailers to home appliances for days at a time. This solar generator is as versatile as it is powerful, yet still only weighs 20 lbs. For the ultimate in emergency power or camping luxury without the hassles of traditional fuel powered generators, the Kodiak is second to none.

#EmpowerPuertoRico Campaign

Purchase a Kodiak Kit before July 22nd and Inergy will donate a kit to a family in Puerto Rico left devastated by Hurricane Maria.  Learn More

What Is The Kodiak?

Lithium-Ion Batteries

The 1,100 watt hour lithium-ion battery bank inside the Kodiak is the same type of batteries used in today's electric cars & hybrids.
This ensures a significantly longer life span than any other solar generator on the market - up to 4x longer.

What It Can Power

The Kodiak Solar Generator can power just about anything, anywhere.

  • Smartphones (5-7 watts):  100+ hours
  • Tablets (25-40 watts):  40+ hours
  • Laptops (50 watts):  20+ hours
  • Electric Blanket (Queen Size, 75 watts):  14 hours
  • 50" LED LCD TV* (65 watts) :  16 hours
  • Microwave (1,000 watts):  1 hour
  • Refrigerator* (18 cu ft., 20% duty):  33 hours
  • Chest Freezer (9 cu ft., 15% duty):  50 hours
  • Sump Pump (1/3 HP):  2.5 hours
  • Basecamp LED Light (6 watts) :  183 hours

*Energy Star Certified Appliance


  • Internal Battery:  1,100 watt hours (90 amp hours, 12.6 volts), Lithium NMC
  • Battery Life Expectancy:  Up to 2,000 Cycles or 10 Years
  • AC Inverter:  1,500 watts continuous pure sine wave, 3,000 watts starting surge.
  • Charging:  600 watts max input, 2.5 hour recharge time at max input
  • Battery Expansion:  Yes - accepts any 12V lead acid or AGM deep cycle battery


  • Operating Temperature:  -15°F to 150°F
  • Dimensions:  14" W x 7" H x 8" D
  • Weight:  20 lbs.
  • Warranty:  1-Year
  • Shoulder Carrying Strap
  • AC Charger Included

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Customer Reviews

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Kodiak Solar Generator Review

I am camping now without electrical power, and using the generator for charging my computer and cell phone and two Kindle paper whites. We had to recharge the generator at my sons camp site (electric) and are still using it. I forgot to mention that we are also using it to run a Nutri-blender for smoothies, and bullet proof coffees twice a day. Today I thought I would plug the generator into the 12 volt socket of my truck, and when I did, the charging light came on but then went out. I am assuming that the power quit and that the cord is defective or that the light doesn't stay on while charging. I cannot use the solar charging adaptor as I don't have an MC-4 connection on my solar panels. I intend to purchase the MC-4 connectors and make an adaptor so that I can charge the generator. So for now
I'll have to go to my sons camp site and use his electricity to charge the generator.

Kodiak Generator

The Kodiak unit is awesome. I purchased it to add to my Camplite truck camper. I’m a sportsman drag racer and take my rig with race car in tow out every weekend and most race tracks have no hook ups. The Kodiak provides all the power I need all weekend long. I added the base camp lights to it and they are awesome as well. The Kodiak is hard wired right in to the trailer. All I had to do was ad a transfer switch and plug it in to the Kodiak 30 amp service port. As easy as 1.2.3 and it powers everything. I had an exsisting battery in there. A 12 volt deep cycle. I just added that one to the Kodiak for extended power. All weekend long using it and I don’t come close to draining it. I come home topoff and get ready for the next weekend.


Kodiak Portable Solar Generator

Awesome power generator

I love my Inergy Solar Generator. I have been having fun experimenting with plugging in different appliances and items and checking to see how much power they use. I love the fact that there are so many ways to charge the generator. I can't wait until my Solar Panels arrive!

Fabulous product and staff is wonderful.

Going on 8 months of using my Kodiak and I cannot remember a better purchase. I have very limited space for solar panels so I generally keep it juiced with the wall charger. My TV, Apple TV and Roku are constantly plugged in. Power outages here are not uncommon due to tornadoes but today I have used my Kodiak to charge my phone, laptop and my lantern due to ice-induced power outage. And it doesn't appear to have lost power at all. Also, the customer service is simply wonderful. When I initially got my Kodiak I had a hiccough with a cable and they helped me resolve the issue and were incredibly helpful and were always available when I called. This company has a fabulous product and the staff is wonderful.

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