Solar Storm 100-Watt Polycrystalline Solar Panel (Open Box)

OPEN BOX: Open box panels have been tested and certified by Inergy to work like new. Please be aware that products may have scratches and dents; however; none of these defects will affect performance in any way. 

Cables are not included in panel purchase.

30-foot Panel-to-Power Station Cable HERE

6-foot Panel-to-Panel Cable HERE

Example One: If you're purchasing 5 panels you'll need one 30-foot cable and four 6-foot cables.

Example Two: If you're purchasing 4 panels you'll need one 30-foot cable and three 6-foot cables.

If you own the the Kodiak please call 877-891-2657 for assistance purchasing panels and cables.

Portable Solar Power

The polycrystalline PV cells are encased in tempered glass and framed in aluminum.
The Solar Storm is chainable up to 5 panels, allowing you to charge the Apex in as little as 2 hours.

One (1) Solar Storm 100 panel will fully recharge the Apex in 15-17 hours of ideal sunlight.

The Solar Storm 100-Watt 25-year panel is the choice for getting the most power per dollar.

Portable enough for mobile applications, yet durable enough for permanent exterior mounting, this panel is a great balance for any use.



  • Solar Capacity:  100 Watts
  • Cell Type:  Polycrystalline
  • Dimensions:  26.5" W x 40" H x 1.8" D
  • Weight:  16.2 lbs.
  • Chainable for multiple panels (EC8 Connector)




      • 100W Rigid Solar Panel (Qty: 1) 

    Customer Reviews

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    Excellent product

    Excellent product! Being in Canada though made it expensive. Duties, taxes and of course the USD from CAD was an eye opener!
    I believe in this company and their product! Will sing it's praises to whoever wants to listen!

    solar panel

    I inspected my solar panel for damage and I found it to be in great shape. Due to family concerns I haven't tried my panels and generator yet. But I'm sure it will operate flawlessly. Thank you for help when I called and had questions about hooking up my panels and if I could hook my other panels to them. I will be a repeat customer.
    Chris Pankowski

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