Silver Kit – Kodiak X2 with 2x 100W Ascent Panels

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UPS   Automatic Refrigeration Solar Backup 
Kodiak X2 is the ultimate backup power for fridges and freezers because it’s AUTOMATIC, always ready, and solar-powered.

Dualink Parallel Technology
Parallel two Kodiak X2 power stations to double both the AC output and battery capacity.

Most Charge Cycles in the World — Bar None &  Fast AC Charge Time 
LFP battery is rated up to 6,000 charge cycles; charges from 0 to 80% in less than an hour. 


  • Battery: 1280 Watt-hours, 50Ah, Lithium LFP.
  • AC Inverter: 1200-2400Watt pure sine wave continuous. (connect two systems for 2400W continuous output)
  • UPS Function: switching time ≤ 10ms.
  • Charging: 1000 Watt (12A) AC Standard Wall Charger.
  • MPPT Charge Controller: 10-65VDC, 12A. Max charge rate 450W (requires >40VDC input)
  • Dimensions: 15in x 10.25in x 8.75in
  • Weight: 35lbs.
  • Cycle Life:Up to 6000 (80% DOD)
  • Operating temperature: 14 °F - 104°F
  • System Warranty: 2 Years







  • 1 - Kodiak X2 Power Station
  • 1 - Wall Charger / Parallel Cable
  • 2 - Ascent 100W solar panels
  • 1 - 30' 12AWG EC8-to-MC4 Solar Panel Cable
  • 3 - Basecamp chain-able LED lights
  • 1 - User Manual






  • A - Power Button
  • B - AC Charge Input / Dualink Connection Port
  • C - EC8 Input Port
  • D - Dualink Parallel Switch
  • E - Display (Display Button)
  • F - Floodlight
  • G - 2 x 12V Cigarette Lighter Plugs (12V / 10A)
  • H - 4 x 120V AC Outlets
  •  I - 2 x 5.5mm x 2.5mm DC Output
  • J - 3 x 60W USB-C Outlets
  • K - 3 x USB-A Outlets


You face uncertainty every day. To live your life with confidence, you need tools as tough and capable as you are. Stop worrying about the unknown; take charge of your situation. 

The Kodiak X2 is a new all-in-one power station that is designed to be extremely portable when you need portability and very powerful when you need a lot of power. 

The Kodiak X2 all-in-one solar power station gives you the power you need to live life on your terms. The X2 allows you to use that power sooner, especially when your battery is not fully charged right when you need it, because the Kodiak X2 charges faster than any comparable power station. 

The Ascent 100-Watt Folding Solar Panel is a long lasting, extremely durable mono-crystalline solar panel that folds in half for ease of transport. It’s equipped with aluminum legs that open as a kickstand so you can solar charge anywhere you’d like with ease. The tempered glass and aluminum frame construction enables this product to be permanently installed, or packed up and stowed away easily.

UPS – Automatic Refrigeration Solar Backup 
Kodiak X2 is the ultimate backup power for fridges and freezers because it’s AUTOMATIC, always ready, and solar powered. The X2 is a true UPS (uninterruptable power supply) which means if the grid goes down, the power switches from grid power to battery power in only 10ms without wearing down the system from constant cycling of the battery. Never worry about coming home to spoiled food or ruined insulin or other medications again. If you have data on computers or gaming systems that can be hurt by a power outage, a UPS is essential. 

Dualink Parallel Technology
The X2 debuts our new Dualink Technology which allows you to parallel two Kodiak X2 power stations to double both the AC output from 1200W to 2400W continuous and the battery capacity from 1280Wh to 2560Wh.  

With two linked Kodiak X2s, you can run power-hungry devices like RV or window AC units, microwaves, and other high-draw appliances when you need to. And when you don’t, one Kodiak X2 can power anything else you may need, including refrigerators, freezers, lights, fans, central heating blowers, CPAPs, and hundreds of other devices. 

Most Charge Cycles in the World Bar None
The Kodiak X2’s lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery is rated to an unmatched 6,000 charge cycles. That is the highest amount of charge cycles on the market. To put that into perspective, if you used 100 percent of the battery and recharged it to full every single day (which is unlikely), it would last 16 years. We can confidently say, the Kodiak X2 will be the longest-lived solar generator you can buy.

Extremely Fast AC Charge Time 
The Kodiak’s hybrid inverter allows for extremely fast charge times, up to 1000W. So you should be able to charge it from 0 to 80% in less than an hour and to 100% in about 75 minutes. 

Portable gas generators require regular maintenance, are very noisy, burn expensive fuel, and emit deadly carbon monoxide exhaust. The Kodiak X2 requires minimal maintenance, runs nearly silent, emits no harmful exhaust, and captures clean, renewable energy from the sun. 

You can easily take renewable power with you. Just like its predecessors, the Kodiak X2 is compact, portable, and easy to carry. From small devices like phones and tablets to larger essentials like fridges and CPAPs, the Kodiak X2 has you covered. With a 1200W pure sine wave inverter, it offers enough power to keep your most important appliances running. 

Double down with the Kodiak X2’s new Dualink technology by chaining two systems together to double the AC output and battery capacity. Dualink allows you to power some of your largest appliances and devices, like a power-hungry air conditioner or microwave oven with ease.  Connect two Kodiak X2s in parallel to enable higher levels of AC output, and then separate them to enable the high-speed AC or solar charging.  

The Kodiak X2 is designed to help you maximize your efficiency. You can manually control which outputs are live, so you can reduce energy waste. The new digital display gives you access to live usage information and allows you to manage your Kodiak X2 to help you get the most out of the system.   

The high voltage solar input gives you access to clean, renewable energy, so you can stay powered up no matter where you are and what you’re doing. Whatever your power needs are, the Kodiak X2 is ready to have your back. 

California Residents: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm.