12V Kodiak Car Charger

To maximize the versatility and applications of the Kodiak, and in response to your feedback, we are now offering a 3-foot car charger adapter.

Weight 10 oz (~0.625 lbs)
Dimensions 3' x 1"

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews

Great product!! Clean energy and efficient. I consider this product an investment financially and for security giving a sense of well-being.
My wife is sensitive to noise that other generators produce, so I'm grateful for how silent energy solar generator performs. It's definitely worth it!!

Car charger

Works great. I can use the car charging system while running my dometic fridge. Then when I get to my final destination and kill the engine I start my camping with a fully charged Kodiak. Also during the trip the Kodiak keeps the frig running when I stop and kill the engine. Which is nice because whenever the frig loses power wifi turns off and I have to manually turn it back on. I monitor the dometic temp with my old smart phone.


Great generator!

Order this when you buy your generator!

This cable to charge your generator from your car is sturdy and lets me fully charge my generator in just 4 hours on the road! It’s cheap and you can’t get it anywhere but this company that I know of. So BUY IT WITH YOUR GENERATOR ORDER! Wish they included it or suggested ordering it. I didn’t realize it wasn’t something I could buy anywhere else and had to leave on my first camping trip with the generator without it. But I’ll never be without one again. It’s great!

Great to have!

Using the Kodiak to power the RV with the heat going takes a lot out of it, so charging it in the truck in the wee hours is fantastic option.

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