400W Ascent Solar Panel Upgrade Kit

The Ascent 100-Watt Folding Solar Panel folds in half, making it an extremely compact and portable monocrystalline solar panel. It's equipped with aluminum legs that open up as a kickstand so you can solar charge anywhere you'd like with ease. 

This kit is perfect for you if you're a first time solar panel buyer OR if you already own Ascent solar panels and you want to expand your solar array.

This sale price ends May 31st @ 11:59pm MST. 

First time panel customers will need to add the 30' 12AWG EC8-to-MC4 Solar Panel Cable to their order. Click "add selected to cart" below in the Frequently bought together section.



  • Solar Capacity: 100 Watts
  • Cell Type: Monocrystalline
  • Operating Voltage: 17.8V
  • Operating Current: 5.62A
  • Dimensions: 25.59" x 19.88" x 2.36" Folded in half  /  25.59" x 39.76" x 1.18" Completely opened
  • Weight: 22 lbs.
  • Connection Type: MC4


  • Ascent 100-Watt Folding Solar Panel (Qty: 4)
  • Ascent panel carry case (Qty: 4)
  • Output Warranty: 25-year limited warranty of 80% output, 10-year limited warranty of 90% output.
  • Material Warranty: 1-Year