Inergy Basecamp LED Light (Chainable)

Basecamp 400-Lumens LED Light (Chainable)

Light up your journey with our high efficiency Basecamp LED hanging light. Plug it directly into the Apex for 400 lumens of light at just 6-watts per hour. Chainable for expandability and rugged enough to provide light in any environment, the Basecamp LED is a must-have for any Apex owner. 

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Weight 5.3 oz
Cable length 10'


Customer Reviews

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Judy Bruette
Basecamp 400-Lumens LED Light

Excellent to use in setting up your Camp work station. You always need good light first, before you can do meal prep or just sitting around enjoying other peoples company. Chain-able feature is a definite plus to expanding your Base station usable area.

Jeffrey Belfeuil
Bass camp general lights

These lights were great can move them where you want them And the use very little power

Thomas S
Basecamp 400-Lumens LED Light (Chainable)

Love these lights! High quality, and light up almost the whole campsite. Need more, just add another one. Takes very little power to operate! HIghly recommend!

rory benning
What can you say about lights when you have an Apex or Flex with Chainable LED lamps! Let there ...

Lighting is so very important, most don’t know until there is none. These lights are durable and supply soft bright light that radiates in most areas, if not add more, chainable being the keyword!

Noah Gunn
Very nice lights

Absolutely amazing little lights. Super low power usage and extra bright for such low power. I got a few thinking I would need them. So far, 1 of the daisy chains is all that was needed for my outdoor cooking a meals. Perfect!



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