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12V Coffee Maker

Brew 20 oz. of coffee using this 12V coffee maker. It features a reusable filter and quick brew cycle as well as a stop-drip interrupt feature when the carafe is removed. It has a 7' fused 12-volt power cord and can be permanently mounted using the bracket that is included. It also includes a coffee scoop. Dishwasher safe glass carafe. 

Power this item with your vehicles 12V port, Apex or Flex Power Station.

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  • Brews 20 ounces of coffee in about 30 minutes
  • Easy to clean reusable filter, saves money
  • Stop-drip interrupt feature when carafe is removed
  • Illuminated on/off switch
  • 13A / 156Watts


Customer Reviews

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Larry Peyton

It works well and makes good coffee, but is slow.

Jose Gomez

12V Coffee Maker

C.E. Field
Money Well Spent

For the past month, I have been enjoying morning coffee made with the RoadPro 12V coffee maker plugged into one of the 12V DC outlets on my Inergy Apex. The purchase was without question the best $28 I ever spent and I experienced some surprising benefits.

Admittedly the process of making coffee with the RoadPro is on the slow side - it takes about a half hour as opposed to, say, firing up my Keurig that's plugged into household power. However, delayed gratification is one upside that I did not at all expect.

Instead of mindlessly inhaling java when I first get up, I turn on the Apex and RoadPro and then do small tasks: wash and get dressed, make bed, open blinds, feed dog, read some emails.

When the RoadPro coffee is ready, I AM READY...to fully savor my morning brew. And, honestly, it somehow tastes better, possibly because my taste buds are fully awake. I have also cut back on coffee consumption which saves money because I am not mindlessly making mug after mug with the Keurig. I "think" about coffee now.

Obviously, the RoadPro coffee maker will be a lifesaver (for a coffee addict like myself) during a power outage and that was my original intention when I bought this appliance. However, I am now using it EVERY DAY. I set up the coffee maker with water and ground coffee the night before so all I have to do is insert the DC connector and turn on the RoadPro's rocker switch in the morning. Easy.

So, whether you are trying to prepare for extended power outages or you want to utilize your Inergy Apex more, I would recommend the RoadPro 12V coffee maker wholeheartedly.

Dean Britt
12V Coffee maker

I really like the fact that I can enjoy a cup of my coffee and my creamer without wondering what it’s going to taste like. Love it!

12v coffee maker

Went dry camping for the weekend and used this 12v coffee maker.
Took longer than I thought to brew a pot , but it was worth the wait.
Great product



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